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Best Probiotics Step 4

So I bet you're wondering now that we are at Step 4 Best Probiotics, when do we get to the what to eat and what exercises to do part? This is what sets this series of articles apart from thousands of others and what makes total body transformation special! Remember, I struggled for fifteen years doing everything wrong and failing. Failing is the greatest teacher! What many posts fail to address is the critically important need to prepare your body for it's transformation and why it is very important to follow these steps in order, without skipping a step! You likely cannot do the 5 Day Detox Cleanse before you have worked on developing a Fitness Mindset.  You will not derive the maximum benefit from filtering your water if your filters are clogged and toxic. So you see, there is a methodology at work here that was hard won through research and trial and error. If you have not successfully incorporated the first three steps into your daily regimen you will not see the results I claim here and you so rightfully deserve! The good news is, that you can always go back now and read the steps carefully and implement them now before you proceed. Step 1 - Develop a Fitness Mindset. Step 2 - Detox and Cleanse your Body. Step 3 - Filter Your Water. Now in Step 4 - Best Probiotics we prepare the gut to accept wholesome nutritious fuel.

Disclaimer time again - Once again, I am not a doctor. I am relating to you the hard won techniques that helped me reclaim my health and fitness at fifty +! Before implementing these best probiotics techniques, if you feel you need to consult your physician, please do so!

"All Disease Begins In The Gut!"

Hippocrates - "All Disease Begins In The Gut" What did he mean by this over 2,000 years ago?

Our stomach, in order to process the food / fuel we consume, is comprised of ideally 85% good bacteria and 15% bad. Most of us do not have this ideal ratio though, due to our consumption of processed foods, coffee etc. Our stressful daily lives, as well as the use of birth control pills and most importantly the use of antibiotics can throw this balance way out of whack!

If the ratio is correct, our stomach can achieve intestinal peristalsis. In other words, we can be regular, and keep things moving through the digestive system. Many people walk around carrying upwards of 20 pounds of putrid, poorly processed, toxic food matter in their intestines. Remember back to Step 2 Detox Cleanse when we used the Oxy Powder to scrub the intestine walls clean to maximize absorption of ingested fuel. Now, the 'good' bacteria that we are going to cultivate through our new found knowledge of the use of probiotics is going to take over and assist in the breakdown of foods. Carrying around unprocessed, toxic food matter is a primary source of the development of diseases such as bowel cancer. It also inhibits nutrient absorption and saps our energy which goes instead to fighting toxins. If you are feeling run down and fatigued and find yourself supplementing your energy levels with caffeine or cola drinks or energy drinks, this is inevitably why! Get your gut flora correctly balanced and you will see a marked difference in the level and consistency of your energy levels. Not being able to derive energy from your food / fuel intake is likely to be twofold; Your intestinal linings are caked with food matter and / or your gut flora - bacteria is weak or of the wrong spectrum. The 85 / 15% probiotic balance will facilitate the absorption of energy giving nutrients from your diet. The ever present 15% bad bacteria is actually kept in check from propagating by the 85% good bacteria. Your intestinal tract should be holding 100 trillion bacteria. That's 10 times more than the number of cells in your whole body! The bacteria themselves can weigh up to 7 pounds! If you are just beginning your transformation, it is more than likely that your gut flora is completely unbalanced, and years of poor fuel intake, GMO's, stress and antibiotic use / abuse have taken their toll. From previous articles, steps 1,2 & 3, you will recall how much I emphasize compiling a knowledge base, an affirmation library, as it were. Knowledge is power and power is success! Your new hobby is to get fit at fifty and stay that way! Part of that hobby is reading and increasing your knowledge base. Here are some suggested further readings on the topic of probiotics and gut health.

 Top 6 Best Probiotics Reads

Please Note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness. Please read my Disclaimer.

Gut Crisis: How Diet, Probiotics, and Friendly Bacteria Help You Lose Weight and Heal Your Body and Mind by Robert Keith Wallace

Food Pharmacy: A Guide to Gut Bacteria, Anti-Inflammatory Foods, and Eating for Health by Lina Nertby Aurell, Mia Clase

 Probiotics - Protection Against Infection: Using Nature's Tiny Warriors To Stem Infection and Fight Disease by Case Adams 

Stress-Proof: The Scientific Solution to Protect Your Brain and Body--and Be More Resilient Every Day by Mithu Storoni

​The Complete Prebiotic and Probiotic Health Guide: A Vegetarian Plan for Balancing Your Gut Flora by Dr. Maitrey Raman MD MSc FRCPC and Angela Sirounis BSc RD  

The Probiotics Revolution: The Definitive Guide to Safe, Natural Health Solutions Using Probiotic and Prebiotic Foods and Supplements by Gary B. Huffnagle 

Get one or more of these titles and increase your knowledge base! Most of your success moving forward to fitness will be derived from knowing what to do and what not to do. 

As we age, our ability to maintain our immune system decreases. The medical community is not sure why this is. What they do know, though, is, that we have fewer immune cells, and those that remain are not communicating as well. The good news is, that, proper probiotic knowledge and use can boost and maintain your immunity. There is  some suggestion that a good 85 / 15 % gut ecosystem encourages systemic and mucosa immune cells as well as intestinal​ epithelial cells. Allergies, eczema, viral infections and vaccine response can all benefit from a healthy gut. At a minimum, probiotics can serve to modulate your immune system, making it more stable in it's reaction to outside forces, very valuable!

Your Brain and Gut Talk to Each Other!

Your gut actually sends far more information to your brain than your brain sends to your gut!

There is a whole other benefit worth noting here. Studies have shown an ability for probiotics to boost your mood! Look forward to a whole series of articles on combating depression, but, for now, let's look at this incredible aspect.

There is an emerging field of study coined the "brain-gut axis". This deals with the connection between the brain and the intestinal tract and the central nervous system. It would seem that there is some biochemical signaling occurring between these three systems. Another name for this area of endeavor is "psychobiotics". 

It is thought that probiotics may overwhelm the 15% toxic bacteria and counter the depressive components. We will discuss the spectrum of bacteria types to look for in the best probiotics to buy. One of them is bifidobacteria. Bifidobacteria appears to have the ability to increase the levels of tryptophan in the brain. Tryptophan is the 'feel good' chemical in the brain.

Needless to say, if one symptom you are suffering from is recurring or chronic depression, then getting a grip on your 'good gut bacteria' is a worthwhile pursuit! I know that this is one side benefit that has aided me personally! There is also good evidence to suggest that bouts of anxiety can also be mitigated with the same protocol of probiotic application. Studies suggest that this mechanism might originate from the vegus nerve which runs from the brain stem to the abdomen. The jury is still out on a lot of this. 

Best Probiotics - What To Look For

Here's what to look for when shopping for a probiotic

There are two schools of though here regarding the initial administration of probiotics. If you consider yourself dysbiotic, or having a stomach issue or a serious intestinal issue (consult your physician) you may want to start with lower population of bacteria, say 8 billion CFU's (Colony Forming Units). This is because of the side effects you might experience as a a result. These side effects might include skin rashes, brain fog (inability to focus), fatigue, flu like symptoms, body aches, diarrhea, constipation. I bet you're saying, "hey, these are the very things I'm trying to get rid of!" Exactly! This is your body reestablishing it's gut flora equilibrium. These symptoms should slowly disappear over time and you should start to feel much better physically, mentally and emotionally! So, this is one approach. Start slowly, and build up the population of 'good' bacteria in your system.

The other approach, might be coined the 'reset' approach, where you take high CFU's to in effect, reset your gut ecology.  Let's say, you have taken antibiotics in the recent past for whatever ailment. This has effectively attacked and destroyed a large percentage of the 'good' bacteria you had established naturally in your system, and it needs to be replaced. Of course, you need to finish the antibiotic prescription BEFORE you begin the probiotic application! 

Disclaimer time again - Once again, I am not a doctor. I am relating to you the hard won techniques that helped me reclaim my health and fitness at fifty +! Before implementing these best probiotics techniques, if you feel you need to consult your physician, please do so!

So, let's talk specifically about what to look for when purchasing a probiotic, because, let's face it, there's a lot out there! Firstly, as we discussed, decide for yourself, which approach you want to adopt, the low CFU 8 billion range, slow and easy approach, or, the high CFU 100 billion approach.      ( once again, if you feel you need to consult your physician about this particular aspect, go armed with information having read some of the aforementioned reading references.)

The next parameter has to do with the breadth of spectrum of bacteria types. This is a whole area of investigation unto itself. In this case, more is not necessarily better. There has been a tendancy toward oneupmanship in the market place in this regard. One brand shows four different strains of bacteria, and so, the next brand offers eight. The next brand is now offering ten different strains of bacteria, and so it is better? Not necessarily! Above perhaps six strains of bacteria, and it's more than likely, the brand is 'padding' the product, or making unsubstantiated claims.

Look for the specifics on the label! Is the brand  listing the types of strains in a laboratory manner? i.e.:

L.acidophilus LA-03

L.rhamnosus LR-05

Lparacasei LPC-01

B.lactis BS-02

L.planterum LP-02

B.breve BR-04

You will notice that the L. preface in the name denotes the strain is Lactobacillis. So, in this case, this particular brand contains four Lactobacillus strains. The B. preface indicates Bifidobacterium, two strains. a total of six strains.

Just as important, or maybe even more important, is the suffix i.e. LA-03. This shows that the probiotic manufacturing facility has purchased and purified in the laboratory this strain of bacteria. It's not a deal breaker if this suffix is not listed, but, it is a good indicator of a quality product!

The important thing, like all of the previous steps on the path to fitness at fifty, is to make a conscious, informed choice, and implement it into your DAILY life!

 Best Probiotics Buys

Please Note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness. Please read my Disclaimer.

Best Probiotics Step 4 Conclusion

You will note that I emphasize time and again the importance of implementing these steps IN ORDER, and also, not skip any steps. If you have been following along, we have worked on cultivating a Fitness Mindset. We then focused on Cleansing and Detoxifying the body and internal organs and preparing the digestive system for a new way to process fuel / food. Next, we made sure that, our bodies being 60+% water, that it is clean, safe water and that we had a non-toxic way of transporting that water. Now, we have just empowered ourselves with the knowledge regarding the microflora, best probiotics needed to process the fuel we will be consuming to run this vehicle which is our corporeal body. Once again, the number one reason for failure in the attempt to transform our fifty year old plus body back to that of a twenty year old, is not 'setting up' our bodies to succeed! Most people launch into an exercise regimen, and / or go on a 'diet' and fail to see results. The four steps you hopefully have just incorporated into your daily life, have now prepared you for powerful results. The future of probiotics is very bright. There is groundbreaking scientific research into the connection between gut flora and obesity. Likewise, there is a whole new avenue of investigation into the application of probiotics in the treatment of clinical depression. Ironically, we are really just rediscovering what the ancients already knew, that; "All disease begins in the gut!".

You've now established a momentum. You've completed four critical steps in your journey toward 'total body transformation'! Don't stop now! Keep the momentum going! I did it! You can too!This journey is the most important one you will ever take! Make the next 30+ years of your life the most rewarding and productive of all! 

On to Step 5!

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