Step 2 Cleansing Detoxifying

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Step 2 Detox Cleanse

Change Your Body's Filters!

Hopefully you read the Step 1 article on "Fitness Mindset". If not, please go back and do so. (link) It is very important to follow these steps to body transformation in order, in order to assure success! Before I begin to talk about a detox cleanse, it is extremely important for me to offer up a disclaimer at this point!

 I am not a doctor. Everything I am telling you, I have tried with success! It is up to you to do your own research. Consult your physician if you feel that that is necessary!

So there is my disclaimer!

The Next Paragraph Is The Keys To The Kingdom - Read Carefully!

These Are The Secret Tips No One Else Will Give You!

Now, this is the one step that 99.98% of people who launch into some kind of diet (yuck, I hate that word!) or fitness regimine , fail to implement. But it is absolutely critical to success! I always liked the body as automobile analogy, and when we come to nutrition (I won't say the D word!), I will use that analogy a lot. So, you change the oil, fuel and air filter in your car, but do you ever change the filters in your body? One of the key reasons people do not see the weight loss results they expect is a fatty liver (link). Your gall bladder is inevitably clogged with gall stones.(link) There is on average, twenty (20) pounds of fecal matter trapped in your intestines at any given time! Your liver and gall bladder are inevitably filled with stones. This has a dramatic effect on how much nutrition your body can absorb. You may even be eating the correct foods, but be completely wasting the food because it doesn't get absorbed!But it is more likely that you are and have been eating all the wrong foods in the wrong portions and are completely plugged up! I know this was the case for me. You can not launch into a body transformation without first cleaning your body out completely, a detox cleanse! I told you that over the years, decades, I did everything wrong that there is to do wrong! When I was over 100 pounds overweight, I did what many do and I abused laxatives, thinking that I could eat the wrong things in the wrong amounts and by quickly eliminating the meal, that I could cheat nature and the body's digestion system!This what is called laxative abuse (link) and it is extremely dangerous! It can cause dehydration, kidney damage, electrolyte and mineral imbalance. The bowel becomes 'lazy' and requires more and more laxatives to function. If this is you, please inform your physician immediately and implement a recovery protocol with your physician!

There is a brand new, cutting edge technology available toward cleansing and detoxifying your body's systems. As I said, it took me fifteen years doing everything wrong to get to the correct way to detox and cleanse.

5 Days Can Change Your Life

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Up until quite recently, if you wanted to clean your system out, empty your bowel and intestines, you needed to use high fiber foods, fruits, vegetables, whole grains or beans. Generally, these only had a mild effect on getting you cleaned out. Alternatively, you could try bulk forming laxatives like methyl cellulose or psyllium. Finally, stimulant laxatives like Senna could be employed. All of these options have harsh and potentially harmful side effects. These aside, think of what your body is telling you! It is rejecting the substances you are putting inside of yourself. Thankfully, there is now a whole new alternative.

The newest technology is much, much more efficient, but more importantly has no side effects. It involves releasing monatomic oxygen into the intestinal tract. This oxidizes compaction, or compacted fecal material away from the wall / lining of the small intestine, large intestine and colon. Clean intestine linings and colon means you can now absorb the nutrition from your food! Essentially, it is like changing the oil filter in your car's engine! 

Before You Change Your Diet - You Have To Change Your Filters!

The Five Day Detox Cleanse I am about to describe to you can literally change your life! It did mine! Don't worry, I'm going to provide links to everything you need to do the cleanse.

 So the first component of the detox cleanse is the monatomic oxygen in the form of capsules. I'm putting a link here for your convenience. You need to incorporate this miracle product into your dietary regimine to keep you cleaned out and absorbing nutrients the way you should be. It is very gentle and a completely different experience to laxatives, and, no side effects! The key in usage is to find your dosage level. Mine is five capsules every two weeks or so, whenever I am feeling plugged up. All of the instructions and product details come with the product. Also, three (3) of the eight (8) items you need for the detox cleanse come as a kit, which I will provide a link to as well. Here's the link just for the monatomic oxygen. (link) When you do the detox cleanse, you will be taking it every night for five (5) days to totally flush your system out. Bear with me, this is the difference between success and failure with your body transformation! This is what it takes to do things right!

Need some motivation? Click this link to see a picture of what's trapped inside your body and is making you sick! (link)

 The second component is a mixture of herbs that support the liver and gall bladder and assist with detoxifying both. The idea with the five day detox cleanse plan is to prepare your system to purge liver stones from your liver and gall bladder on the fifth day. Liver stones are formed when excess lipids crystallize into pebble size stones. An excess of these is the reason people who do not know about this detox cleanse or refuse to do it, end up having to have their gall bladder removed. The result of that is the necessity to have to adhere to a special diet for the rest of their lives!

The liquid mixture of herbs, which come in a dropper bottle, are mixed with a large jug of distilled water and apple cider vinegar. Livatrex may also come in capsules, in which case you take the capsules with the distilled water / apple cider vinegar liquid mixture. I'll be doing a full article just on the benefits of apple cider vinegar, so please make sure you read that!This will be the liquids you drink during your detox cleanse. Here is the link to this herbal mixture. (link) Once again, the three (3) of the eight (8) items you need are available in a kit which I will put a link to as well!

I'm going to put the .pdf for the complete detox cleanse protocol in this article, so don't worry about taking notes at this point.

 You will notice that I continually reiterate how important this step is. I don't want to lose you at this point because it is so important! This detox cleanse will change everything about how you feel both physically and emotionally! People who complete these five days feel a surge in energy, an overall sense of well being, and increased focus and mental alertness. At the time of writing this article, I have just finished another detox cleanse and am feeling reborn! It really is amazing! My energy is up, I feel "in the moment"! Once you have done this detox cleanse once, I assure you, you are going to want to start doing it on an ongoing, regular basis. The doctor who developed this system, and other professionals recommend everyone, especially in this day and age of processed and GMO foods, do this five day detox cleanse at least every six months, or twice a year. So, you're thinking, can't I just skip this step and start dieting and exercising? You could, but you're filters are dirty. You will not see the results you want! So, bear with me, read through the whole protocol, and then decide you're approach. Just keep in mind, I tried everything! This is what worked!

The third component of the five day detox cleanse involves replenishing the gut flora with probiotics. Hippocrates is famous for stating over two thousand years ago, "All disease begins in the gut". From the standpoint of what we at fifty plus are trying to accomplish, nothing could be truer! This is a critical, integral part of the body transformation process, and one that many, many skip! Why am I not losing weight? Why do I feel run down or sick all the time? These are the steps that create success! Some of you reading this article may already know about probiotics or may already be taking them on a regular basis, but, as you may already have figured out from the emphasis on 'steps' in these series of posts, things need to be implemented in order, in order to work! In other words, first, we need to clean the linings of the intestines and bowel. Change your filters! Then, we need to detoxify the liver and gall bladder, then we need to refortify the amount and type of healthy bacteria in the stomach. The suggested probiotic in the five day cleanse is Latero-Flora. Here's the (link). Latero-Flora contains Bacillus laterosporus, a probiotic normally only available through health professionals. For those who don't know, there is a whole spectrum of 'good' bacteria that break down and process the food you consume. Different probiotics have different spectrum of bacteria in different concentrations, different 'billions' of bacteria. The good bacteria in your stomach can be depleted from eating the wrong foods, GMO's, illness, etc.. I will be writing a whole article on probiotics, so make sure you read that! After you clean yourself out, and after you have detoxified the liver, you need to replenish the good bacteria! Once again, the items you need and the instructions for this cleanse come as a kit, which I will provide a link to, for your convenience. It's easy and straight forward. 

Here's everything you need to do this detox cleanse, and believe me, you need to do this detox cleanse! You cannot skip this step and realize success! First we develop the necessary mindset (step 1 article) Then we prepare our digestive system (step 2 article). Everything must be done step by step, in order, to have success. This is the result of fifteen years of research, trial and error, failing and then success. The loss of 115 lbs, renewed energy, flexibility.

Everything You Need To Do Your Five Day Detox Cleanse

Please Note - At the time of writing, the three (3) components, Livatrex, Oxy Powder & Latero Flora are not available as a kit. You will see Latero Flora & Oxy Powder together as a kit. Order this to save money! Sometimes the three in a kit are available. Go ahead and order the three individually and get on to your detox cleanse. The three together are a marginal savings anyway! The rest of the items are available from your grocery store or pharmacy. Read the detox cleanse .pdf instructions carefully before you begin and make sure you have all of the ingredients for your cleanse before you begin!

Please Note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness. Please read my Disclaimer.

Livatrex Liver Gallbladder Cleanse Detox

 Link Here!

Oxy Powder Intestinal Cleanser

 Link Here!

Latero Flora Probiotic

 Link Here!

Latero Flora Probiotic & Oxy Powder Together

(Save a Little!)

 Link Here!

Distilled Water (a couple of 1 liter jugs)

Your Local Grocery Store or Pharmacy

Epsom Salts ( be sure to read cleanse instruction .pdf about this! Do not buy regular or sea salt or epsom salts - bath salts with fragrances added - just pure epsom salts!)

Your Local Pharmacy!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Your Local Grocery Store!

Bragg's Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Concentrate  (all cider vinegars are not the same! You need this specific kind!)

Five Day Detox Cleanse Instructions .pdf

Just a Note about the Instructions .pdf

Once again a disclaimer - I am not a doctor! Everything I am telling you, I have had great success with! However, it is up to you to decide whether or not you implement these approaches! Consult a doctor if you feel that that is necessary! 

Also, the Detox Cleanse Instructions outline a detailed menu that you can follow. I personally like to take the opportunity during the five days to just consume fresh fruits and vegetables, salads as well as the liquid water / vinegar / Livatrex mixture, and on the fourth and fifth day just the liquid  mixture. You decide for yourself!

Day 5 Flush Night Sucks!

Most people find that day two, they get hungry, cranky, irritable, etc.. this is the toxins in your body beginning to exit. It is a good sign! Just bear through it! By day three, because you have been taking the monatomic oxygen every day, your system is emptying, and you will begin to feel your energy rise. Take note of this feeling, as this is how you should feel all the time! The only challenging part of the detox cleanse is day five where you are going to attempt to get your gallbladder and liver to release their toxins and stones. The instructions are quite detailed and outline how on day five, you are going to take the epsom salts and then the olive oil. 

The first time I did this detox cleanse, on the night of day five, I felt quite a strong reaction to the salts and oil. Subsequent detox cleanses, not nearly as much! So this meant that the first detox cleanse was quite successful, and that I was understandably quite toxic. The half hour lying on your right side, waiting for the olive oil to do it's thing can be quite challenging. You may feel nauseous, and irritable. You may also experience some cramping. I found that the most challenging part was the aftertaste of the olive oil. The .pdf also talks about different ways to mask the taste of the olive oil by mixing and shaking it with other ingredients such as grapefruit or orange juice. I never had much success with this as, no matter how much I tried to mix the two, they always seperated before I could get the mixture down! So, I just pour the six (6) ounces of olive oil into a glass and drink it down! It is a challenge! Just picture the happy, healthy, skinny you, you are working towards, as you drink it down! It's all good! You are on your way to transformation! These are the steps few know about, or, are not willing to implement! Believe me, the next day, you are going to feel reborn! It will all be worth it!

If you can handle the grossness of it all, the instructions also indicate that you can buy a cheap plastic colander to place in the toilet to capture the stones that exit your gallbladder and liver, so you can see visual evidence of the success of the detox cleanse, and just how polluted you actually were. I never wanted those visuals, but, perhaps this is something you might want to do. Having said that, I actually felt stones leaving my gallbladder during the half hour lying on my side, a faint popping feeling! Amazing, this biological machine of ours! I just saved myself surgery for gallbladder removal! Yeah!

Now that you have completed the detox cleanse, continue to use the monatomic oxygen to keep yourself cleaned out! I use it about every two weeks, keeping in mind, I am eating mostly raw fruits and vegetables.

Detox Cleanse Conclusion

Who would have imagined that this would be the path to body transformation? But it all makes sense! Get into the right mindset, then clean your body out, revitalize your organs. Hopefully, you did the five day detox cleanse! Only the final day is really a challenge, and only really on your first cleanse. Subsequent detox cleanses will be much easier. Did you experience the same surge in energy I do? Don't you feel renewed and invigorated? 

This transformation step, the one before it (mindset), and the following steps, once again, are

 your new hobby.

​This is the new mindset, where you are not focused on TV, or cell phones or other hobbies! Your vehicle, your body, at fifty years old +, is your new priority. I know, you know, that when you become ill, all you will care about is regaining your health. So, why not be in the mindset of preventative maintenance.

Please continue to the next article to Transform Your Body at Fifty Plus!

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