Step 5 Raw Food Diet Over Fifty

step 5 raw food diet over fifty

Step 5 Raw Food Diet Over Fifty

Before you continue with Step 5 Raw Food Diet Over Fifty, please make sure you have read, understood and most importantly incorporated into your DAILY life;

I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to have completed these steps first before you continue on your Step 5 raw food diet over fifty journey. You cannot expect to realize the results you hope for without having done so. If you have not completed these steps, or, you are not satisfied with how well you have incorporated them into your daily regimen, then take this opportunity to do so now! These steps are strategically designed to ensure success and their order and sequence are no accident. Many people attempt what you are attempting now but fail simply because the steps are out of sequence. It is the sequence of these steps that are the SECRET to success! This author tried and failed multiple times to achieve the goal of optimal weight, flexibility, level energy, independence from medications or substances. It was only through constant failure, trial and error and much study and investigation that I finally achieved success. You can too! Keep in mind, as well, that any one of the topics that we touch on, you are free to continue investigating on your own! Develop an 'affirmation library' of information that you can go back and constantly refer to as you progress along your journey! Knowledge is Power! Power is Motivation! Motivation breeds Success!

The Secret To Longevity

How can I convey to you what is probably the most important key information you will ever consume in your lifetime? Information that may extend your life span perhaps by two decades! If you are in your fifties now, and attempting to reclaim your health, or being proactive and planning ahead to maintain your health, stop and ask yourself these questions;

How many people make it to 85 years of age?

How many people have a satisfactory quality of life between the ages of 60 and 85?

I leave it to you to do the research, but, I am assuming that you are reading these series of articles because you are dissatisfied with your current state of well being or concerned with your future quality of life!

Here is the secret to longevity! Over millennia, we have forgotten how to fuel our bodies! That's right! The moment we started to process foods, dry, freeze, salt, spice, bake, cook was the moment our bodies started to decline! The mammalian body was meant to subsist on 'living foods', foods that are alive. Drying, freezing,salting,spicing, cooking foods was developed as a way to stop the natural decay of foods after they were harvested, but, this was not nature's intent. Foods should be consumed while they still have the essence of life within them. Bringing any food to 115 degrees F kills the food and the nutritional value and most importantly the enzymes needed to process them. Barbecueing meats convert the fats into carcinogens!

 Forget Diets and Get With 'Living Fuel'

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates

​​​​​​​​Disclaimer time again - Once again, I am not a doctor. I am relating to you the hard won techniques that helped me reclaim my health and fitness at fifty +! Before implementing these raw food diet over fifty techniques, if you feel you need to consult your physician, please do so!

First some terminology!

Paleolithic Diet - A diet consisting of foods presumed to have been consumed by hunter gatherers during the Paleolithic period.

Ketogenic Diet - a low carbohydrate diet where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy.

Biogenic - life generating (superfoods, sprouted seeds etc.)

Bioactive - life sustaining (raw vegetables and fruits)

Biostatic - life slowing, aging accelerated (cooked refined foods)

Biocidic - life destroying (chemicals, additives, preservatives)

The ideal fuel (I'm going to stop using the word 'diet' as much as possible, just because it has been misused for so long and has the connotation of something that you do temporarily to lose weight) is 100% biogenic or bioactive foods, foods that are alive still, even after harvesting. Because of our cultural conditioning of three hot meals a day, ingrained into our paradigm as the correct way to eat, it is initially difficult to just switch immediately to an all raw fruits and vegetables consumption. Most people consume 20% fruits and vegetables (if that!) and 80% biostatic or biocidic meals, when it should be the other way around! And even this is not the ideal fuel intake. The ideal fuel intake is 100% biogenic foods, superfoods like sprouts, sprouted seeds, beans, legumes, cruciferous leafy greens, greens powders etc.. 

If it comes in a box or a can, if it has been cooked, it's dead! 

Are you subsisting on 'dead' fuels?

Assess where you are on the 'bio' scale shown earlier! How much 'biocidic' foods do you consume? Does your food contain GMO's and/or preservatives and pesticides? If so, not only are you not deriving any nutrition from these substances, but, they are actually making you sick! See the biocidic definition - 'life destroying'! 

How much of your intake is cooked or biostatic? Any food that has been raised to 115 deg. F has been killed, along with any nutritional value and the enzymes needed to process that food! Think about that! How absurd and perverse, that we actually pay money and extend effort (cooking) to kill our food! The body then needs to expend energy to process these substances to try and extract some sort of nutritional value from the meal and then the digestive organs have to work overtime to separate the biocidic elements!

Step 5 Raw Food Diet Over Fifty Ancient Secret

Look, here's the low down! Here's the real skinny! This is the real secret to health, weight optimization and longevity!

Consume your fuel as nature intended!

The sun shines down on seed sprouts and imparts it's energy into the plant. Using the process of photosynthesis, the light energy of the sun is converted into chemical energy that the plant uses to grow. By consuming the plant, we are 'stealing' the sun's light energy! It's that simple! Any 'processing' that we do to this perfect organism destroys the aforementioned cycle of energy transfer. Even juicing the plant affects the enzyme balance of the perfect plant. A good example is the pulp in orange juice. The pulp is there to regulate the sugar release of the fruit. By removing the pulp (let's say you are one of those who doesn't like pulp in your juice) you will get a sudden 'sugar rush', a secretion of insulin, and then a crash as the sugar/ insulin is depleted. With the pulp, i.e. consuming the whole orange, zest and all, you will get a smooth energy transfer. So, you see there is a grand design at work here, where the food is perfect as it is, no processing (juicing), no cooking or packaging required!

So, how to begin, you ask? Firstly, make sure you have completed the previous steps in your transformation to get fit at fifty.  Secondly, start to make the slow transition to a bioactive intake away from biocidic and biostatic substances. Try to get to 80% raw fruits and vegetables and 20% processed foods. It is not easy at first! You have had a lifetime of conditioning toward breakfast, lunch and dinners consisting of hot meals. Now you are going to be a grazer, a paleolithic forager, nibbling raw, unprocessed, 'alive' fuel throughout the day. This is how we as mammals, were meant to fuel our vehicle! Go slowly, so your body and brain can acclimatize! You need to retrain your palate, your taste buds and olfactory system. At first, your body and especially your brain will crave the carbohydrates, refined sugars (sweets) and even the preservative chemicals that you are used to. Over time, these cravings go away, and believe it or not, you will start to prefer the 'slow burn' of regulated, consistent energy release you get from pure, unadulterated 'fuel' foods! if you completed the detox cleanse, then you know all about cravings! You also know they go away!  Then you are ever so grateful you made the transition! You feel ever so much better!

Getting back to biocidic foods, are you aware that manufacturers use excitotoxins in their products to keep you coming back for more in the guise of 'shelf life' preservatives or 'flavorings'? 

We all have experienced the 'brain fog' of a take out Chinese food meal, maybe even a headache like I experienced. This is a reaction to Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). MSG is added to foods as a flavouring agent. As a dietary glutamate, it easily crosses the blood-brain barrier and causes cell death.  Just reading the package details (if it comes in a package it's dead!) won't protect you, since MSG has many names i.e. flavoring, plant protein, yeast extract etc.. 

Aspartame, an artificial sweetener found in all sorts of processed foods, but primarily in artificial sweeteners, chewing gum and soda pop, is another 'exitotoxin' and a glutamate that crosses the blood brain barrier and causes cell death. As this substance reaches body temperature, at least half of it converts to methanol and then formaldehyde (embalming fluid). Do your own research on these exitotoxin additives. There is  a great deal of information and research available. In the final analysis, why would you introduce these chemicals into your system? Packaged foods are dead! Cooked foods are dead! Why ingest 'dead' foods? Most importantly, don't you resent the idea that manufacturers are using chemicals like addictive drugs to entice you to buy and consume more of their 'dead' stuff?

Please Note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness. Please read my Disclaimer.

Once again, knowledge is power and building up a library of 'affirmation' reference material is an excellent path to success. To learn more about what's in the stuff you're buying at the grocery store, and what is critical to eliminate from your intake, read Toxic Foods by Kevin Sweeter.  The Food Solution by Cari Schaefer is also an excellent guide.

Back to Bioactive Fuel/Foods (life sustaining raw fruits and vegetables). This is where you want to get to! Once again, easy does it! Most people are eating 80% biostatic life slowing garbage and maybe 20% fruits and vegetables. You want to flip that around! If you did not do Step 4 Best Probiotics then you can't hope to be able to properly digest a high plant food diet. You may experience cramping and bloating since your gut flora is not prepared for this fuel intake shift. If you have followed along step by step, your system is detoxed and cleansed (Step 2), you are drinking good water (Step 3), then you are good to go! To really get the maximum benefit from this type of fuel intake, you really want to aim for a 100% bioactive regimen, but it is not easy! Use your Fitness Mindset techniques learned in Step 1 to help you along the way! Remember, this is your new hobby, totally transforming your body. This involves cultivating a whole new outlook on fueling your body!

Here Are Some Recommended Resources To Empower You With Knowledge and Affirmation!

Please Note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness. Please read my Disclaimer.

Research which foods are biocidic and biostatic in your diet and eliminate them!

​I can only relate to you the mindset that I have adopted and found great success with! Figuring out which foods you are consuming on a daily basis that are biocidic and/or biostatic and eliminating means the following; no dead substances, so called 'foods' that are not alive. What does this entail? For me, it meant, as little cooked foods as possible. Not eating snacks, chips, sweets, deserts of any kind. Instead I substituted fruits of a large variety. If it comes in a can or a box, I steered clear! Try and steal the life essence of the 'live' food! I will be doing a whole article on soft drinks or 'pop' but for now, just know it is probably one of the worst things you can put in your body! If you are consuming caffienated cola drinks or 'energy drinks', this is your body telling you that your system needs to be detoxed and you need to establish a better 'gut flora' in order to absorb the foods you do eat. Sodas contain all kinds of additives and chemicals that will quickly compromise your organs. Stay away! As part of your new hobby and in keeping with your new mindset, you are now a 'grazer'! This means overcoming one of the most difficult culturally ingrained memes of 'three hot meals a day'. This, for you, is now a thing of the past! Instead, you are going to graze on 'living' foods throughout the day! You actually get to eat more often! Yeah! This is why one of the most counterproductive words to success is the word 'diet'. It immediately conjures the notion of starving one's self, which doesn't work in the long run anyway! Raw fruits and vegetables, along with seeds, nuts, and legumes have all of the essential enzymes and fats necessary for a long, slow energy release that will sustain you throughout the day! The craving for something warm or hot in your belly is deeply rooted in our modern existence. Substitute green teas of many varieties to get over this. It works! Get the reading materials previously mentioned to build up a more extensive knowledge base about this subject. We never stop learning! This is your new hobby!

We have not even touched upon the ultimate level, biogenic fuel foods. Please search out the post pertaining to this topic on this website as it is too exhaustive to include here. 'Biogenics' involves either buying or germinating your own sprouts or seedlings that you consume to steal the maximum amount of protein and nutrients from the plant while it is still in it's germinating stage. But for now, go raw! It will be the best decision you ever made! This one decision could potentially buy you an additional ten to twenty years added on to your lifespan! These are the critical years, when you could have a quality of life, rather than languishing in illness.

Reasons To Adopt A Raw Food Lifestyle

  • ​​Lose weight. I lost 115 lbs. while never feeling hungry! The pounds will just fall away!
  • Stable, long lasting energy throughout the day! No more dips in the middle of the day!
  • ​Easy, pain free digestion and elimination. Cramps, constipation, hemmoroids gone!
  • Improved vision, clearer skin, silkier hair, strong nails, healthier gums!
  • Rid yourself of unnecessary medications! Most are there because of poor diet anyway!
  • If you suffer from high blood pressure or high cholesteral, watch as it stabilizes!
  • Depression will lift, mind fog will dissipate.
  • Your ability to cope with stress will increase dramatically!
  • Easy, deep, restful sleep. No more sleep medications!

Thease are but a few of the benefits you will experience, but only if you have implemented the previous steps IN ORDER! Remember, in order to realize success, you cannot skip any of the previous steps! Your body will not be 'set up' to cope with the life changes you are about to implement unless you have a mindset to work with, have cleansed and detoxed, have a source of good clean drinking water and have built up a good gut flora with a regemen of probiotics! This is absolutely key!

You can do this! I did and so can you! These are the keys to the kingdom of longevity! Start now!

On to Step 6!

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