Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

Before you continue with Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix, please make sure you have read, understood and most importantly incorporated into your DAILY life;

Strengthen Your Core - Change Your Life

"Along with the Step 6 Stretching, I Do This Routine EVERY DAY Without Fail!"

Disclaimer - I am not a doctor. I am relating to you the hard won techniques that helped me reclaim my health and fitness at fifty +! Before implementing these techniques, if you feel you need to consult your physician, please do so!

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix! If you have followed along and implemented steps 1 through 6, and I hope you have, you will have laid the foundation to transform your body at fifty plus. Upcoming steps 8 through 10 will deal with first walking, then, jogging / running and then resistance training. To get to these stages, we need to incorporate one more important aspect of our transformation preparation. Remember, at fifty plus, our joints are not as flexible as they once were. Our muscles are losing mass. Our bone density is decreasing. Think of your skeleton as an antenna tower or a skyscraper. It needs a strong central core to counter the affects of gravity. Ask yourself and picture this concept;

How are you positioning your body in the 'gravitational field'?

Does your head sit forward of your shoulders? Are you carrying excess body fat forward of your center? Is your pelvis tilted forward? Is your spine not arched correctly? For most of us, the answer to one or all of these is YES! These are all signs that you have a weak core. A weak core can affect your posture, your digestion, breathing, your walk or gait, continence, urination, and if your are female, even your ability to deliver a baby! In essence, your core is aptly named, as it is the core of your being. It would be counter productive and even injurious to proceed with exercise with a weak and out of place core, as you could be encouraging the displacements already in existence. Everything we have done up to now in steps 1 through 6 have been implemented in the order that they need to be put into place. It is not by happenstance that the issue of strengthening your core is at step 7, as now is the time to address this issue before we move on to aerobic cardio exercise.

Before you proceed with the Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix CORE exercises that will follow, and if you are already experiencing pain or mobility issues, I strongly urge you to consult your physician and or chiropractor before proceeding! From a skeletal perspective, let's make sure we are not going to aggravate an already preexisting condition! This is especially true if you have been sedentary for a prolonged period of time and / or are carrying excess body fat. So please do this before moving forward!

Now moving forward, a little history. This author was carrying 115 lbs. of excess body fat and, as if this weren't enough, I had a preexisiting sciatica condition as a result of a work injury. The excess body fat I resolved as a result of researching and then implementing into my daily life, steps 1 through 6. The sciatica condition I suffered from for years, with sometimes excruciating, persistent pain and mobility issues. I looked at all the so called 'simple fixes', pain medication, research into the success rate of surgery etc.. Ultimately, I decided, as a result of fifteen years of research into a wholistic resolution to all of my conditions, that the combination of weight loss, proper diet, a fitness mindset, stretching, core exercises and aerobic exercise was the only way forward. This was, after all, my new hobby! As the disclaimer states, I am only relating to you what worked for me! As a result of this approach, I can now say with confidence, that I brought my sciatica condition into the realm of manageability without medication or surgery. 

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

A Simple 5 Minute 3 Exercise Core Routine

"5 Minutes and 3 Exercises A Day Can Forever Change The Way You Feel!"

"Along with the Step 6 Stretching, I Do This Routine EVERY DAY Without Fail!"

Here is a simple 5 minute routine that will get you started with strengthening your core. You can start off only doing 10 repetitions of each of the 3 exercises. The most important part is the DAILY part! Soon, your core will be strong enough to add repetitions. But, don't worry about that for now! Slow and steady and EVERY DAY is the goal! Once again, and most important, if you have a pre exisiting condition or pain, please consult your physician or a chiropractor before you begin! Once you have begun, expand your knowledge base with further reading on the topic of CORE. I will be including links to sources below. Since this is now your new hobby, become the CORE guru and tell family, friends and neighbors about what a difference in the quality of your life this has made!

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix   Exercise # 1

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

10 Repetitions To Begin - Let Your Back Do The Work!

You will remember this picture from  Step 6 Stretching After Fifty. In step 6, you were stretching your lower back and abdominals. Now, you are using this position to strengthen, not stretch. Notice, the above figure has her hands on the floor, but, she is not using her arms to push, to hold herself up. The arms are just there for safety. The lower back is doing the lifting. Really, you are trying to do more like the figure below, but for now, continue to place your arms on the floor for safety!

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

This is where you are trying to get to, the 'superman' or 'plank' position. DO NOT do this right away! Use your hands / arms on the floor! I'm just showing you that you need to let your lower back muscles do the work.

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix   Exercise # 2

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

10 Repetitions To Begin

I know, I know, the dreaded sit ups! Remember, you are going to start off slow and steady and you're only doing 10 reps! In the image above, this young fit fella has his hands behind his head. You do not have to do this to begin with. You can place your hands / arms on the floor and slide them forward as you raise up your torso. Having your knees bent is very important to take pressure off of the lower back. Do not do sit ups with your legs flat on the floor!When you first start out, especially if you have been sedentary for a while, you may experience cramping in the abdominals. If this occurs, just stop and rest for a moment, keep count, and then continue.

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix   Exercise # 3

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

10 Repetitions To Begin

Leg raises. Notice the figure in the image above has his hands under his tail bone. This is a more comfortable position than just having your backside flat on the floor. Here you are working the Psoas muscles or 'hip flexors'. Making these muscles stronger can go a long way toward strengthening your core and being proactive about future instability! 

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix  Optional Exercise # 4

Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix

These are called crunches, and depending upon your level of fitness when you begin, you could incorporate these into your routine as well! Notice that, this is a 'two in one' exercise, as it combines sit ups and leg raises.

"5 Minutes and 3 Exercises A Day Can Forever Change The Way You Feel!"

Three exercises, five minutes out of your day. This will strengthen your core and eliminate or at least reduce lower back pain and improve your posture. To continue on to aerobic cardio exercise, it is a must! We start with only 10 repetitions. If you commit to doing this every single day, in short order, 10 reps will seem easy! Then, maybe, you increase to 20 reps for all three exercises. Only you can decide what you can handle! Once again, the important part is the EVERY DAY resolution. Do the Step 6 Stretching After Fifty routine first and then Step 7 Back Pain 5 Minute Fix second. You will wonder why you didn't begin sooner!

Expand Your Knowledge Base - Read!

Having a knowledge base, working on your hobby by showing yourself that you are engaged and interested in your new hobby and will foster affirmation. Here are some 'must read' sources of information to expand your horizons. This short routine is just to get you going! Read, learn and then add to your routine! By the way, you are now an 'athlete'!

Please Note: I may earn a small commission for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial, and/or link to any products or services from this website. Your purchase helps support my work in bringing you real information about health and holistic wellness. Please read my Disclaimer.

Gentle Core Exercises by Lauren E. Elson M.D.

Core Strength Training by DK Publishing

Anatomy of Core Stability by Hollis Liebman

ReHabZone Lower Back and Core Exercise Plan

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning by Sean P. Gallagher

Exercise Ideas for Core Strengthening by Irv Rubenstein PhD

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